Our wedding location includes a complex of mini apartments on-site. They can host 2 to 4 people (or up to 6 people, if two guests sleep on the bed-sofa), depending on the apartment style.

The location is directly on the Como Lake (also accessible to swim/dock boats), it has an outdoor swimming pool and a very cozy garden. Each apartment has a terrace with a view on the Como lake.


Knowing that many guests come from abroad, we already rented the full complex of apartments. Thanks to a deal with the property owners, we are able to offer the apartments to our guests at competitive prices: the prices vary between €120, €160 and €220 per night, depending on the size of the apartment (respectively a single-space studio for 2 people, 1 bedroom apartment for 2 people, 2 bedrooms apartment for 4 people).

Our wedding location is in a very small town, with only few services around. We suggest booking the apartments on the location with us as this allows you to be already on the location before and after the wedding (so no need to worry about transfers or having to look for taxis) and to live the full experience with the rest of the guests, even out of the “wedding hours”.

Book an apartment: booking an apartment can be done through the form where you confirm your invitation.

How do the apartments look like?: The apartments all include a small kitchen, bathroom, terrace with view on the Como lake and access to a large garden with swimming pool and lake access. It is possible to swim in the lake from the property. The studios are single-space apartments. As for the other apartments, you may have one or two bedrooms. Note: some of the apartments are a little out-dated, but all the basic amenities are present. Check out some photos here.

Is linen provided? Yes, the location provides towels and sheets.

PARKING: Private parking for all the guests is available on-site.


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